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SAP Litmos broken authentication vulnerability disclosure

June 22, 2021

Synopsis SAP Litmos is the online Learning Management System owned and operated by SAP. During the authentication integration with Litmos using SAML protocol, me and my colleagues identified multiple security...

Continuous deployment to Digital Ocean Kubernetes cluster using Drone and Helm

March 23, 2020

(image source: Introduction Hosting web applications and services in Kubernetes clusters is the common practice nowadays. Most hosting service providers offer managed Kubernetes services. Digital Ocean is one of...

Agile product backlog management

November 29, 2019

During my career in product development I’ve been working on Agile Product Backlog Management in different roles: as a software engineer, product owner, engineering manager and other stakeholder. With every...

Moving from HTTP to HTTPS

October 29, 2019

Currently HTTPS (HTTP over TLS) is the de-facto protocol for accessing content in the web. By utilizing public-key infrastructure this protocol ensures the confidentiality and integrity of the data in-transit...

GPG cheatsheet

October 8, 2019

What is GPG GPG (GNU Privacy Guard) is the open source utility - the implementation of OpenPGP protocol used for signing and encrypting data. The protocol utilizes both public-key and...

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